API in Backend Development

Most people ask – Do you work in Frontend or Backend? So what exactly is the difference? What does Backend Development even include?

Backend Development (Web or Application) includes all the Server-Side code (not only databases) of the application. This means, all the processing of information, logical analysis, prediction, CPU driven tasks, data handling and modelling is done at the backend side (server side). Frontend includes the UI/UX part. UI is mostly design and look of the application (or web), where as UX is the logical behaviour and flow of the application.

For example, if you book a ride in Uber, Frontend (the UX) includes “Book a cab button” and return the cab to the User. Whereas, in Backend Development, the server is fully responsible for “which” cab to be booked, querying the database to get the best cabs, calculation of prices, etc.

The Backend is mostly exposed to (or consumed by) Frontend via API calls.

API (Application Program Interface)

This is the gateway between the Frontend (Website / App) and the Backend (Server side code). These are specifically URL’s which when requested, gives response back to the client.

One of the most popular types of APIs are RESTful APIs or simply – REST. Representational State Transfer (REST) can be used over any network protocol, but when used over the internet or web, it takes advantage of HTTP protocol. The following is the flow of REST api’s.


To study REST api’s in more detail and implement via code, I have written the whole course content as follows –

  1. REST Introduction.
  2. REST – Concepts and Implementation Rules.
  3. REST – Url Naming Conventions.
  4. Using MongoDB in a REST api. (Bonus)
  5. Deploy your Backend Code on a FREE Server – Heroku. (Coming Soon)

More posts on the same, with implementations in different languages and frameworks would be coming soon. To be updated and notified, subscribe/follow the blog via the side menu or the bottom of the page.

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