SpinUp a Free Micro K8s Test Environment

Hey all, I have been setting up a Micro Kubernetes Test Server for me and my team’s use. I will be writing a series of blogs on the same which will cover on how anyone can create a very small (even free..!) Micro Kubernetes Server for testing and running your services.

Why spin up a Micro K8s Server?

Often, we need to test how our services will behave and get deployed on a real Kubernetes cluster. Before doing the load testing, we often need to see how to build the application architecture, which services to expose, ports to open, integration testing and connectivity and data flow of the system. Once all this boilerplate is done, we can then move on to bigger clusters for load testing and performance testing. Hence, this series will show how you can spin up a small K8s server very soon, even free sometime (depending on your needs).

What we will learn?

We will learn how to setup a very small (maybe 1-3 nodes) kubernetes cluster, get your services ready for deployment and how to automate your feature testing / dependency testing by implementing CI/CD from your Git repo, so that whenever you release a new feature, it can spin up a new deployment, create an alias for you to test, and then tear your application once that feature is merged into your stable repository.

We will cover the following topics –

  1. Part 1 – Setup a small Kubernetes Cluster (local and cloud both).
  2. Part 2 – Make your application Kubernetes ready. (Application architecture and data flow)
  3. Part 3 – Automating your build and deploy process using CI/CD, from a stable branch.
  4. Part 4 – Deploying multiple versions/aliases of your application on same K8s cluster (Feature level CI/CD)
  5. Part 5 – Bonus blogs on integration with other services.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe us to keep you notified..!!

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