Migrating CronJobs to Serverless MongoDB Realm Architecture

Hey guys, I got an extremely awesome opportunity this year to demonstrate the concept of "Migrating CronJobs to Serverless Architecture" in MongoDb World Conference (MongoDB.live). This is intended for anyone who is starting to write scheduled jobs and wants easy Serverless Architecture for this. Do more with serverless, pay less..! You can watch my whole... Continue Reading →

Python Connection with PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system. PostgreSQL runs on all major operating systems. PostgreSQL follows ACID property of DataBase system and has the support of triggers, updatable views and materialized views, foreign keys. To connect PostgreSQL we use psycopg2 . It is the best and most friendly Database adapter in python language. It is both... Continue Reading →

API in Backend Development

Most people ask - Do you work in Frontend or Backend? So what exactly is the difference? What does Backend Development even include? Backend Development (Web or Application) includes all the Server-Side code (not only databases) of the application. This means, all the processing of information, logical analysis, prediction, CPU driven tasks, data handling and... Continue Reading →

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